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Awe-inspiring performance by Ishant Sharma was a magic of god

26, Jul 2014 By fakeman

After the historic victory of India over England at Lords’ Cricket Ground, it was revealed that the main hero of the victory was not Ishant Sharma; but it was the God himself i.e. Sir Ravindra Jadeja.

Sir himself revealed that, “I was already angry with Ishant Sharma’s illustrious bowling career, and then James Anderson tried to challenge my Godly powers. I decided that enough is enough and took matters in my hand. I kicked the butt of Ishant Sharma and transferred some of my powers into him. Rest is history now.”

When we asked that why you did not took all the wickets he simply smiled and replied, “God never do things in front of everyone, also I wanted to grant him an opportunity to end his career on a high note.”

He further added that, “I want to give the same opportunity to Murli Vijay as well; how the hell can they take the glory away from me? I am the official Lord, Sir and God of Indian Team.”

Then all of sudden he eloped from the scene and we saw Ishant Sharma hiding behind the stage so we decided to talk to him.

When asked about the retirement plans Ishant Sharma replied, “Are bhai abhi abhi to baalon se dikhna shuru hua hai; abhi se kaise cricket chod doon (Bro! I have just now started seeing through my hairs, how can I leave cricket?) I want to play cricket but Bhagwaan ke aage kiski chalti hai? (But who can dictate terms against God?) I think only Dhoni Bhaiya (Brother) can save my career now,” and he left the scene.

We are still anxious about the fate of James Anderson who had a verbal spat with the Sir. God save him.