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Australia won the Worldcup 2015 because Srini mama's favorite color is Yellow: Experts

30, Mar 2015 By manithan

Melbourne: Australian Cricket team won World Cup 2015 by beating New Zealand today in MCG. But, not everybody knows that it was not due to their cricketing skills, but due to their jersey color that Australia had managed to keep its hands on the prestigious cup.

While Australia is still reeling from the joy of winning the world cup and New Zealand is depressed to have lost one more chance to win that prestigious title, we got a few e-mails from sources that the whole tournament was already fixed. Best of those mails was from a cricket expert, who doesn’t want to reveal his mail id to us. The e-mail subject was scandalous – ‘Srinivasan likes Yellow, so betrayed India and gave the World Cup to Aus’. The mail started with how Australia managed to win despite its initial struggles and how India was compromised to lose even if it was shining through the initial stages.

Srini mama giving the World Cup to Yellow jerseys. It doesn’t matter whether it is Australia or CSK.

Then, the mail went like, “…Eventhough Srinivasan’s nationality is Indian, he considers himself as a global citizen. Everything has to be his choice. He likes the color Yellow and hence, no matter what happens, Yellow has to win. If you could track clearly, Srinivasan became VP of TamilNadu Cricket Association in 1998. From then, Australia, which was wearing the yellow jersey was winning the world cup. One cannot deny the fact that even when he is part of cricket, he makes sure the game is played his way or the highway. His obsession for yellow even made him change his initial to Na. Na is chemical name of Sodium which emits yellow light. Even when you call him, he will say Yellow instead of Hello. Such is his obsession with Yellow that he even tried Chennai Super Kings to be included as wildcard entry to this World Cup so that he can have double dhamaka of his favorite team wearing his favorite color winning. But somehow, it was not done. If any other country wants to win any Cricket championship, they will have to wear yellow color dress.” However, the mail fails to explain how India managed to win the World cup in 2011.

We showed this mail to our in-house Cricket expert, who cast further light on this mail. He said, “This can be real or not. We can never predict anything that involves Srini mama. He is omnipotent and omniscient. I guess that he made India win World Cup in 2011 because he had clash between his personal choice and professional choice. Dhoni’s win was then necessary, but with recent fallout in CSK due to his son-in-law, he has decided to give up his professional choice for his personal choice. That is why, the cup went back to the yellow team.”