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Australia-England Series winner to get Third Umpire in place of Ashes trophy

02, Aug 2013 By zhootareportor

For the first time since it started in the year 1882, the Ashes series is going to see a major change this year. Often dubbed as one of the greatest sports rivalry, the trophy to be awarded to the winner of Ashes is going to be changed this year.

As the reports from Australian media indicate, Australian Cricket Board has requested International Cricket Council to award winner of the series  a ’ Third Umpire’  of the team’s choice in place of the traditional ’Ashes’ trophy.

This monumental change comes in the background of controversy surrounding umpiring decisions in the current series. There have been several controversial decisions in the current series and most of that have been made by the third umpire who is equipped with technology to take correct decision. Latest victim of controversial decision was Usman Khawaja who was given out in spite of the fact that television replay showed that he was not out. Australian cricket team has been at the receiving end of these decisions and England has benefited from these decisions. It is believed that Australian team would have won first test, had Stuart Broad was given out by third umpire.

Australian cricket team captain Michael Clarke believes that given the importance of third umpire in the current series, they will like to take back a third umpire in place of Ashes trophy in case they win this series. On being asked which third umpire he will like to take back along with the team, he was quick to reply saying that the team’s preference would be an umpire who makes maximum wrong decision against Australian team. ICC is still to take a final decision on the issue.