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Australia decided to apologize Pakistan if they loose to India

26, Mar 2015 By ssaket

As they say “There is a morning to every night”, Pakistan is feeling over ecstatic after Australia decided to apologize them if they loose to India. Australia said in press conference that we would accept that we behaved rudely with Pakistan if they loose to India. Australia skipper Clarke is very confident that they will win but if it doesn’t happen; then they will send entire team bats as an apology and will never behave like this with any other team in future.

Meanwhile India is completely geared up and will make sure that Australia apologise because what they did was unconstitutional and they deserve a bigger punishment. They urged Pakistan not to forgive them even if they apologize.

Camera man Jaggu ke saath Maggu. AB lete hai break aur break ke baad dekhenge Dhoni ne kya kaha Virat se.