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Aussies blame global warming for the depletion of Ozone layer that led to Yuvi rays

01, Apr 2014 By thatsallfolks

Mirpur, Bangladesh. After a mesmerizing victory of Team India over the Kangaroos, in a press conference scheduled post match, the captain of the Australian team has reportedly blamed the over population of the country that led to global warming. And hence, the ozone layer depletion and hence the Yuvi rays. The team sounded much frustrated after their loss against the defending champions and now, after a stunning defeat against the Team India, they have lost their cool.

“Team India has played a game before the match. They turned on our air conditioners and hid the remote somewhere so we could not turn it off. Theirs was on all the time. This led to ozone layer depletion in the specific area. There was no point in turning off the refrigerators because the heat was beyond control and God knows what has happened to the amazing female supporters in Bangladesh and Pakistan, it got so hot we lost our cool,” remarked the Australian captain George Bailey.

Kohli Ishant Yuvraj
Yuvi reacting to the news.

Indian skipper Mahendra Singh Dhoni on this remark added, “We do not know the science of ozone layer depletion. After Mr N. Srinivasan resigning (he wiped a tear), it is almost like an emotional roller coaster.”

On the remark of the Pakistani female supporters by George Bailey, Pakistan skipper Mohammed Hafeez added, “Inshallah the boys played well, we will continue to perform better and better”, they were excused to give irrelevant answers mainly due to two main reasons, first being this was the only English sentence they know. Second, since we have seen a lot of irrelevant answers by Rahul Gandhi on national television, this was not news.

On being inquired about their early losses against West Indies and Pakistan, the team’s performance has been consistently deteriorating,  Australian wicket-keeper whipped the excuse of their business and contribution in searching for the Malaysian Airlines MH380.

No further questions were asked to the wicket keeper.

For the next clash of Team India against South Africa, the Proteas have reportedly asked ICC, for a non-A/C room and asked for ice to provide refrigeration to their refreshments to save themselves from the Yuvi attack.