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Ashwin to quit cricket and participate in Carrom contest

04, Mar 2014 By Anup Apasangi

Soon after the loss against Pakistan, Ashwin announced retirement from cricket. Ashwin said, “After the drubbing i received from young Afridi, I have decided to quit cricket and take carrom as a professional sports”. Ashwin who is known for the pregnant delivery pause stride was hit for 2 sixes by the ever young, consistent Afridi.

Virat Kohli, Ravichandran Ashwin
Shabhaash mere cheeteh.

Meanwhile Amit Mishra was very happy with Ashwins decision and said, “Ashwin is known for his carrom skills,He was basically a gully carrom player in Chennai, Who won many carrom competition, But Dhoni spotted his carrom skills and told him to try his hands on cricket”.

Rohit Sharma said, “There was always a competition between me and Ashwin regarding who is the laziest person, But unfortunately i will be the winner this time”. Dhoni said, “Its a very sad day for me, as my tambi Ashwin will not be there in the dressing room and will miss his body massage very much”. Ashwin is also eyeing on cricket commentator as his career option and has joined “Inzamam insitute of Engleesh speaking classes”.

Ashwin reacted sharply to the allegations that more than his deliveries, its his body turned the most and said, “I always tried to fox the batsmen with my action but unforutunately the ball sailed over ropes”. The bastmens of other countries were sad on Ashwins retirement. Afridi said, “I really enjoined the Atithi Devobhava treatment from Ashwin. He renewed my career for few more years”.

Soon after the announcement BCCI had asked Indian olympic comitee to include Carrom in Olympics game so that Ashwin can win a gold medal. The legendary spinner Venkatesh Prasad lauded the decision and said, “People should identify their strength and play the game accordingly. My strength was to bowl only 6 slower balls in an over and still call myself as Medium pace bowler. The batsmen waited for ages for the ball to come on to the bat and got out.” Venky wished Ashwin the best of luck for his new career.

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