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Ashwin denies reports that his role in the team for NZ is to teach Corey Anderson Tamil and lungi dance

15, Jan 2014 By juskiddin

IPL 7 is three months away and it seems that the controversies are already beginning to brew. If reports are to believed , spinner R.Ashwin , after a disastrous tour of South Africa, was retained in the team for NZ , with the sole responsibility to track down Kiwi All-Rounder Corey Anderson and teach him the basic prerequisites to get by in Chennai during the IPL months, such as how to drape a lungi and do the lungi dance, how to pronounce “Whistle Podu” among other things.

Undercover agent?

The IPL auctions are two weeks away and Anderson, who recently, spectacularly shattered the world record for the fastest ODI hundred, is one the most anticipated players to go under the hammer.

Sources also confirm the move is the brainchild of Super Kings owner and BCCI’s estranged President Mr. N . Srinivasan, who is apparently, very confident of fixing getting Anderson to wear the yellow of CSK, in what BCCI officials reiterate to be a fair and transparent auction, Mr. Srinivasan’s exploits with the crystal ball not withstanding. Some reports even suggests that captain and wicketkeeper M.S. Dhoni and his fielders will sledge Anderson with different versions of “Yellow Yellow Dirty Fellow”, to prepare him for whats to come in the IPL.

The man in the center of the storm, Ashwin, however rubbished the reports . “That is definitely not my role in the team. Have you seen my delayed ball? I bet you have, and maybe even know how to hit it for a six, but the Kiwi batsman or the general public don’t really watch India matches, they wouldn’t know what hit them . Also , off the record, i average as much as MSD abroad  “.

Former IPL commissioner Mr. Rajeev Shukla also refuted the report and said, “Look, this is again media imagination . Just you think, England players never play well in IPL, and on top of that they just lost the Ashes. Even if Anderson is there, he will go at base price.” On being told that the person in question was Corey Anderson, Mr.Shukla said that it was the election year and that he was an obedient and hard working party worker before quickly walking away. Mr. Srinivasan was unavailable for comment.

Our London correspondent tried to get Mr.Lalit Modi’s perspective , the man who had first suggested possible fixing practices in the IPL auctions. Although Mr. Modi made no official comment, he was heard talking animatedly on the phone and our correspondent did catch this before Mr.Modi’s bodyguards moved him away .

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