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Arsenal FC to be renamed as Charsenal FC

02, Jan 2017 By Tejas Shinde

In an unsurprising turn of events, British football team Arsenal FC looks set to be renamed as Charsenal FC. Speaking at the post match press conference after their game against Crystal Palace, manager Arsene Wenger notified the impending change.

While some supporters have been taken aback by the change in name, most have been accepting of it considering the club’s everlasting affinity with the number 4.

“This isn’t just a tribute to our holy number. It’s also a tribute to our undying fan base back in India,” Wenger said justifying the part Hindi feel to the change of name.

“They’ve supported us through thick and thin. Well, mostly thin. So they deserve this,” he continued.

As a homage to the change, Arsene has also requested England’s Football Association to let him make four substitutions in the four games that follow post the renaming and has demanded that Arsenal be awarded 4 points for every win in each of those games. Also in process is the manager’s demand to field 13 players so he can play the 4-4-4 formation.

Former Arsenal Number 4 Cesc Fabregas was also in tears following the declaration and expressed his desire to return to North London for more fourth place titles.

For Arsenal’s next game, the entire squad is expected to sport the number 4 jersey. Fourth Official Iam Confused who will be at the game is busy brainstorming ideas for getting the message for the correct substitutions across. “I have no clue how this is going to work,” he said. “It’s like wanting to take them all off and keep them all on at the same time.”

A source has also revealed that Charmander of Pokémon fame will be made the club’s official mascot and club legend Per Mertesacker will go on to be player manager following Wenger’s retirement in 2020.