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Arnab the Secret behind India's Performance in Cricket

22, Jan 2013 By Sandeep Singh

Mohali : Last year was really pathetic for Indian Cricket, the New Year also brought bad news as the home team lost to Pakistan 2-1 in the three match series. The losing streak now seems to be ending as India is leading the series now 2-1 and are just a game away from sealing the series.

Cricket is a game of uncertainties but the team that just surrendered a few matches ago are now winning comfortably, such a drastic transition raised eyebrows of experts .

MadanLal Peela, the senior sports journalist of Faking News shared his conversation with the Indian Skipper Dhoni with us.

Sir, team toh Dheet Ho Gayi thi , Saale Haar Mein Mazza Le Rahe they .. Wo toh uss Khukhaar Arnab ka invitation time pe aa Gaya” Dhoni explained the transformation of the team. The News Hour host Arnab Goswami had invited the Captain, Ravindra Jadeja, Virat Kholi and Raina from the team. Vinod kambli and Abhijeet Mukhrji were also the hostage guests.

The whole team was terrified, Dhoni declined the invitation straightaway but after a couple of “The Whole Nation Wants to Know” and “What Do you mean by My Mom won’t allow me to go out so late” Dhoni had to succumb to the journalist, however he convinced Arnab that if only they loses then they would come for the interview.

Arnab Goswami
The Ultimate Coach – Arnab Goswami

Jadeja toh Saala din Bhar Nets mein Practice karta aur Raat mein Rapidex English Speaking Course ki Book padhne Lag gaya” Raina’s nephew tweeted a few days ago.

Eventually the focus and hard-work payed off and the all-rounder proved to be a match winner , Kohli was also a success. Team members informed us that “Kohli ne toh Facebook deactivate kar diya tha… Kuch Tamanna Ka Chakkar tha“.

Dhoni talked to the reporters on the eve of the fourth ODI, “Well, of course the Guys needed a Push . We had to play well because at the end of the day we had to answer to Arnab”. Dhoni also explained a bit of match strategy , but we couldn’t edit it from the nailed “Well, of course”s with it.

Abhijeet Mukhrji commented on the issue, “I have already said that I have withdrawn my comment and aplogized for it . Dhoni and the Team is not Dented and Painted”

Arnab Goswami was available for a comment, but no one had the courage to go and collect it!