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Anushka Sharma seen preparing Maggi as soon as Virat goes out to bat

01, Sep 2014 By DarrKeAage

Nottingham. Showing an astonishing sense of anticipation, Anushka Sharma was seen heading for kitchen as soon as India lost its first wicket. Virat Kohli was slotted to bat at number 3 in the second ODI against England. Anushka informed us that she went to prepare Maggi for Virat.

Waiting for Virat
Waiting for Virat

Anushka said Virat gets really hungry as soon as he reaches the pitch for batting. Maggi is the only food that can be prepared in just 2 minutes. As soon as Virat senses that his food is ready, he somehow manages to get out and reach the dressing room in time for food. She was really happy when Virat got out for duck during the second ODI and murmured in happiness while giggling, “Virat ne aaj bhi khata nahi Kohli (Virat didn’t open his account today also).” This meant he could have his favourite snacks served hot.

Anushka remembers that in the early days, due to lack of experience, Virat used to bat for too long. As a result of that he had to eat either overcooked or cold noodles every time. With time he has learnt to reach back pavilion in time. During those days, he tried to finish the games early by scoring quickly. But still it was too late and Maggi used to get cold. He even planned to get out hit-wicket or run-out at times so as not to miss out on his favourite dish. His longer stay at the crease meant he was hungry for longer. To vent out his frustration he used to abuse everyone coming in his was, specially after completing a half century or a ton. These days he hardly swears as he is always happy due to full tummy. With time he has got his timing perfect now.

Anushka says that they have travelled to England with around 500 packets of plain Maggi. She also added, “Virat prefers the plain Maggi over masala one, as it takes less time to prepare and he has to wait less”.

The couple is really thankful to the noodles company. They plan to do advertisements for the product for free if they are approached. They credit Maggi for their happy and healthy relationship. Rumours are that the noodles company is also considering to make the couple their brand ambassador.

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