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Answering machine of Leander Paes hacked

16, Sep 2013 By mukund

While Leander Paes was away in the US celebrating his Grand Slam Win. The Faking news correspondent managed to break into his answering machine. Here are some messages.

Leander reacts to the hacking.

Hey Kid, Martina Navaratilova here!! Some Sachin wants to play mixed doubles with me just to feel younger. Get him off my back!

You may be a champion, now do you wanna be human? Salman Khan here! Have couriered a bottle of Revital to reinforce my generosity and your stamina! Thakna mana hai!

Come Stai!! I mean “How are you? “ Sonia here. Are you game for adoption?? I need youth Icon who has achieved something as my PM. I mean son.

My name is Robert, Robert Vadra the real estate king of Haryana! Wanna buy some piece of real estate with prize money? Brass ware for Kitchen free.

Nitish Kumar here, cant figure out from your name if you are secular or not. Call back

This is Arnab, the nation wants to know Mr. Paes . …. Oh, don’t bother answering, we have breaking news from the Ladakh border.

You are an actor without acting! I am a director without a story or a script. For the RGV ka Rajadhani Express dial Ram Gopal Verma !

The consequences of the last message turning real was devastating for the faking news reporter who had a nervous breakdown and was last seen hacking the answering machine into a billion pieces