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Another farewell gift at Eden Garden as Sachin offered place in Mohun Bagan football team

08, Nov 2013 By iamgreat

Kolkata. “Sochin homara dil ka boohut korib hai aur Mohun Bagan toh homara dil hi hai.(Sachin is very close to our heart and Mohun bagan is our our heart indeed)”, said Debojit Chattopadhyay , secretary of Bengal Sports Association as he announced the Mohun Bagan opening 11 with Sachin as Goalkeeper.

Sachin Tendulkar
Sachin already on the job.

According to Debojit , indifferent to the criticism over the grand farewell organized by CAB , they were still looking for the final honour to be awarded to the legend.”First idea was to give him the title of dada or Bengal Tiger , but then both of these were already given to Sourav dada. So we thought of naming him Sourav Ganguly, but this annoyed ladies, particularly two, named Dona and Anjali. We then thought of giving him lifetime free pass of Kolkata metro as he cant drive a Ferrari here. But he declined to do rallies for Didi in return and this idea was dropped as well .”

CAB was was quite critical of the position Sachin should be played in the football team. “We had to be extremely careful. First we thought of making him striker(for sport=cricket junta, the one who is responsible for scoring goals is striker), based on his batting position, but you see the critiques,they always claim India loses when Sachin scores. Making him play as striker would create similar situation if he scores goal and we have some losers in defense. So we have finalized him as goalkeeper”, said the secretary.

Sachin has confirmed his participation in opening match that Mohun Bagan plays. Eden garden is all set with printed Sachin pictures on this match’s ticket, hoardings of Sachinee and Miss. Anjali for a change. But looks of players from Goa-XI bear stark resemblance to West Indians as they shall be playing against Mohun Bagan in the opening match. The GoaXI captain was found requesting Nigel Llong and Steve Bucknor to be the referee for the much awaited game. While Bucknor accepted the offer, Llong was too fearful of “welcome” he would receive on coming out and preferred to stay within his room.