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Anna Hazare ready for indefinite fast to get Tendulkar back

07, Nov 2013 By oths

Anna Hazare has declared that he is ready to go on indefinite fasting to get Tendulkar’s decision reversed.

Sachin Tendulkar
Anything for you.

Earlier in the day, Tendulkar was declared out for putting his leg before the wicket. When approached Anna, he said, “How can put your leg after the wicket? It has to be before otherwise you will be bowled. Ridiculous rules are made only to target our Tendulkar. I’ve request ACP Pradyuman of CID to investigate this case.”

Being curious, we asked Anna why he switched from politics to cricket.

“Not at all! I’ve now launched a company ‘FastTree’ – that accepts outsourced jobs for going on fasting indefinitely under trees. Well shamiyaanas are also okay. Or AC rooms are also okay…”

“Sir … “, we said.

“Oh yes, FastTree. I had decided that Tendulkar is my ideal launchpad. Anything with name Tendulkar is going haywire these days, so I chose him.”

“After Kejiriwal dumped me to open AAP, I got crazy.  I did not know what to do next. I gave confusing statements, lost myself. Bl@#$y. He made look like a buffoon. Recently I was reading Subroto Bagchi’s book – The Elephant Catchers – and I got the brilliant idea – FastTree. So with FastTree I will go kiss the world.”

“Who will this company benefit?”, we questioned.

“My target market is for anyone – especially people like Pappu who are failing to make their mark in politics. Or MTV Roadies Raghu who joined AAP. If he is not happy with AAP, I will help him open BAAP – Bharateeya Aam Aadmi Party.”

“Through this media, I request anyone who wants to go on strike to approach me. I do not distinguish between small and big tasks. Even if Chintu’s mama is not buying him his favorite shirt, he can approach me for an indefinite strike for a very small fee. I also plan to run strikes in parallel – one per hour – only during day times. During evenings, I shall open a fasting school for the next generation.”