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An Indian football fan, who wanted an EPL style game in India, now unaware of ISL taking place

26, Oct 2014 By manithan

Mumbai: A famous football fan sent shock waves across the owners of the Indian Super League football clubs by declaring that he never heard of such football league happening in India.

Ranjit Shetty (26), a famous football fan in his friends circle and one who has never missed any of the English Premier League matches, revealed that he never heard of the Indian Super League in his Facebook post.

His post was, “People are posting photos of Sachin, Amitabh and Rajni watching a football match in some stadium. They are talking about football matches taking place, but when I tune into ESPN or Ten Sports or Star Sports, I do not see any EPL matches. I even double checked EPL schedules and no match seems to be occurring during the time they tweet or post on FB. What has happened to you guys? Have you started watching highlights and think that it is a live football match? Have some class guys. You cricket fans can never ever follow class football like EPL. Admit it!”

To this, one of his friend, who was an ardent Sachin fan, commented, “Dude, you don’t know of ISL? Indian Super League?” As a response to that comment, Ranjit had commented, “No. Do you mean ISIL? Iraq?”

Many of his friends, who are also die-hard fans of EPL matches, also liked his post and commented that they even don’t know why people are going ga-ga over ISIL terrorists playing football matches.

Outcome of the survey conducted among ISL spectators by Thoo Research Institute
Outcome of the survey, conducted among ISL spectators, by Thoo Research Institute

We somehow got in touch with Ranjit via Facebook and requested him for an interview. When asked about his football frenzy, he said, “I am a born football fan. My tryst with EPL started fifteen years back, when I was in school. One of my school senior introduced me to this rocking world of Manchester United, Arsenal, Barca. Since then, I had never missed a single EPL match. I and my friends used to assemble at each of our home for a match and watch till 3 am over drinks and sandwiches.”

He continued, “I always wanted India to also have football league like EPL. When we can cheer for some European club, why can’t we cheer for Indian clubs? Imagine having the following clubs in Indian style – Manchester United for Gujarat team, Arsenal for West Bengal team, Ban Ceylona for Tamil Nadu team, Livercool for Kerala team.Where is ‘Make in India’? Where are Achche Din?”

When asked about ISL, he seemed to be still adamant, “I do not know of any football league in India. EPL rocks. Nothing can match EPL. ManU for life. Chelsea down down!”

Badsha Ghokale, an un-famous football commentator, who is now doing the job for ISL, said, “It is indeed a shame that ISL was unable to garner the support similar to EPL or IPL. Cricket fans know nothing about football. And Indian football fans feel intelligent to watch English clubs play the game. They think of posting reviews about EPL matches in Twitter as some sort of genius affair. They cry for EPL style club football in India, but now when it is happening here, they act like it never exists. You can understand the poor state of ISL, even after celebrities and Indian sports stars cannot help it garner attention. ISL is a dead-meat!”.