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An excited England’s plan to win WC 2019

26, Mar 2015 By pknayak

London: Immediately after Australia qualified to play the Kiwis in World Cup final, a wild celebration party organized in front of ECB office. What we heard is everybody related with English cricket including KP were in the invitees list. A senior ECB official found quoting,“It is the only possible method through which we can find ourselves in a World Cup final and may even went on to win it.”

“It is a nice ploy to elevate the host nations into final and (possibly) allow the better side win”, Mike Henry, a senior ECB spokesperson told our reporter. “That means you are meeting Ireland in the final. But they are a better one day side than England”, our reporter reminded Mr. Henry.

ECB announcing its strategy for 2019 Worldcup
ECB announcing its strategy for 2019 Worldcup

Mr. Henry with a pause followed by a snicker replied,“We have plan “B” for them. Help them groom to full potential and identify their potential match winner. A couple of months prior to selection of World cup squad show the Irish the illusion of Test cricket and encourage them to wear the three Lion Jersey as we did with Eoin Morgan and Boyd Rankin in recent past. It is as simple as this, if you can’t grow stronger than opposition, then make them weak.” He found giggling and highly satisfied with the reply and probably a sense of joy inside.

However in the mean time we heard the Dutch cricket board has started lobbying to be a part of host nation for 2019. “With the manner in which the English cricket team is playing it is highly possible that Ireland might face the Dutch in the final and you never know what happen in given day”, Petrik Kluivert the footballer turned Cricket official revealed.

We have our spy-cam readily installed in front of ECB office and any activity will be updated further.