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Alok Nath upset with Chelsea FC for selling their 'Mata'

31, Jan 2014 By rohitknhs

Alok Nath wants aadarshwadi players
Alok Nath wants aadarshwadi players

Alok Nath has criticized Chelsea FC of selling their ‘Mata’ to Manchester United. This comes as a blow to Chelsea as Alok Nath cursed Chelsea to lose the Premier League. Faking News spoke to Alok Nath and he said, “This is insane. How can they sell ‘Mata’ to their rivals Manchester United. Maine socha bhi nahi tha ki Chelsea iss hadd tak gir sakti hai.” This is a clear indication of misunderstanding by Alok Nath.

When we spoke to Chelsea manager Jose Mourinho, he said “I am deeply saddened by such words by Mr Alok Nath. I understand that he misunderstood the whole episode of Juan’s signing but moreover he even cursed us that we will not win any titles in the future. One of my Indian friends said that Mata means a mother in Hindi. I understand how Mr.Nath feels.”

When asked about the whole controversy to Juan Mata, he said, “It doesn’t feel good that the most powerful babuji in the world curses your former football club. I invite Mr Alok Nath to perform the kanyadaan for my wedding. Maybe he will take back his curse then.”

Chelsea FC members have bought flight tickets to India to apologize to Mr Alok Nath and take his blessings. They are even willing to explain the whole situation to Mr Nath.

Sources say that the Premier League managers are very happy by the curse especially Mr Manuel Pellegrini and Mr Arsene Wenger. This gives them a chance to win the Premier League. But they also don’t want the misunderstanding to be cleared.