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After the colossal loss, Delhi Daredevils to join like minded Congress Party

31, May 2014 By Prateek Shah

New Delhi: After the colossal loss in the IPL, the Delhi Daredevils have decided to join the party which best resembles their fate, the Indian National Congress. Speaking on the development, Kevin Pietersen said, “I heard they already accommodate foreign nationals, so thought it will be the perfect fit for me and my team.”

We play to lose
We play to lose

A team member on the condition of anonymity (although nobody really knows their names) said, “We’ve been told by the team management that both us and the Congress party are the same ideologically. We play to lose, and no matter how many times we play, we always lose. After this drubbing at the national level, we are set to play regional tournaments like Haryana Premier League, Maharashtra Premier League with the sole objective of losing. Our leader Mr Rahul Gandhi has told us that winning and losing is a state of mind, and that we should all simply learn to smile irrespective of whether we win or lose.”

Speaking on the occassion Mr Digvijay Singh said, “Our party is full of young leaders and young players, in fact there is so much youth in the party, that even the veterans behave like youngsters. The Delhi Daredevils are the ideal addition to our party since they are young, and they don’t play too hard to win. Giving good fights is what the Congress philosophy is going to be for the next few years, and we intend to use the Delhi Daredevils to strengthen our stand.”

Rahul Gandhi was unavailable for comment as he was watching something important on TV