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After T20 loss, Pakistan blames fewer US drone attacks for poor match fitness of its team

22, Mar 2014 By Vaibhav Anand

Hafeez miffed with US
Hafeez miffed with US

Bangladesh: After its 7 wicket loss to India in the opening match of the ICC T20 World Cup in Bangladesh, Pakistan’s captain, Mohammad Hafeez, has blamed lesser drone attacks by the US for their poor show. According to Hafeez, the lack of practice of running from drone missiles led to poor running between the wickets and fielding.

“It starts badly for us when I loses the toss. But the main problems is that the USA is not attacks us too much with their drones now,” Hafeez said in an exclusive interview with this Faking News reporter, after the match. “We are not knows why the USA is reduces the drone attacking. They are reduces the attacks and the boys runs so poorly now because they is no longer practices runnings from bombings,” he said.

“We requests the USA to keeps attacks on us so that the boys gets match fit,” Hafeez added. “This is crucials for our performancing. In facts, the USA should attacks our hotel in Bangladesh now.”