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After Parrikar’s 'terror to neutralize terror' remark, BCCI to use Ravi Shastri to neutralize Rameez Raja

21, Jun 2015 By Pagla Ghoda

Mumbai: BCCI has apparently taken strong cues from defence minister Manohar Parrikar’s remarks made a few weeks back that ‘terrorists can be used to neutralize terrorists’. In that regard BCCI has planned to neutralize terrorizing commentary using another set of terrorizing commentary and has put in a request to ICC to include Ravi Shastri in all commentary panels where Rameez Raja is included.

Equal in magnitude and opposite in direction
Equal in magnitude and opposite in direction

As per BCCI experts the quality and quantity of cricketing quotes made by both these commentators are exactly same and hence their statements are expected to cancel out each other when they are on the same panel. It is also being rumored that this phenomena will be called ShaRaRa in the cricketing world (combined abbreviation from names of Shastri, Ravi and Raja, Rameez).

Veteran Indian cricketer Bishen Srikanth fondly known in cricketing world as ‘Bishcheeka’ explained the whole ‘Sharara’ phenomena in detail, “When Ravi and Rameez both speak at the same time, their voices will cancel out each other and viewers will just hear a very low blurred noise, which might even be inaudible if you are watching the match in a pub or a noisy sports bar. So in a way viewers will not be able to hear either Shastri or Rameez as they both will neutralize each other while viewers would enjoy unadulterated cricket without any distraction.”

Rameez Raja himself was quite vocal about this news and infact praised BCCI and ICC for thinking about including him and Shastri together in all future commentary panels. Talking to a cricket website he said, “BCCI and ICC have been close partners for years and this matter is quite sensitive. But BCCI is pushing it very smoothly, ICC bring a close partner would be very satisfied with the position taken by BCCI.”

“It is important to note that such decision can get really tricky and can create controversies hence they are unsafe decisions. But BCCI and ICC, these two showed how to do it safely. This partnership is an example of how to do it safely.” Rameez concluded with his characteristic smile.

Ravi Shastri however was skeptical on the outcome of the ongoing discussion between BCCI and ICC. He said,“I think the next 3 weeks could be crucial as the decision has to be made after 3 weeks. Plus if they want to make this decision they will have to take this decision seriously from now on. Thinking, discussing and finalizing, they will have to do well in all 3 departments of decision making.”

“I believe for me and Rameez to be on the same commentary panel we have to be on the same commentary panel. There is no other way I see this reaching the boundary like a tracer bullet.” – Shastri concluded and went on to conduct the post-match presentation ceremony for a local gully cricket-match being played near his house.