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After Modi’s Make in India slogan, spinners agree to make “Chautha” and “Paanchwa” in India

26, Sep 2014 By zhootareportor

Mr. Narendra Modi’s “ Make in India” initiative has gone viral in India and has influenced all facets of life. While industrialists are busy charting out plans to set up factories in India which will make India a manufacturing hub, Indian cricketers have agreed to contribute at a large scale. Surprisingly even neighboring countries like Sri Lanka and Pakistan have also started to contribute in this initiative.

Led by a team of Harbhajan Singh, Murlidharan and Saeed Ajmal, this group has agreed to develop “ Chautha” and “Paanhwa” in India. These two bowls will not be subject to any BCCI or ICC regulations. While bowling these deliveries players will be allowed to bend their arm upto 360 degrees. These two bowls will be named as “Brahmastra” and will be tested for the first time during the upcoming world cup in Australia.

Harbhajan Singh believes that these two bowls will be a large scale employment generator in India for coaches. All spinners, other than South Asian countries, will be forced to come to India and get trained. This means more employment opportunity for erstwhile spinners, who have often been found lacking in good communication skill to be a commentator. Most of these bowlers have been either banned some time during their career or have been asked to amend their bowling action.

With these two bowls being allowed, bowlers will be able to overcome reputation risk as well.