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After India’s loss to NZ, Arvind Kejriwal to protest against Duckworth-Lewis method

24, Jan 2014 By rakshithraviprakash

Shocked by India’s loss to New Zealand in the second ODI at Hamilton, AAP president and Delhi chief minister Arvind Kejriwal has announced an indefinite Dharna against the use of Duckworth & Lewis method in cricket.

“Halla Bol”

Just returning from a local hospital where he was admitted to, Kejriwal said, he heard the news on radio in his WagonR and was appalled to hear about the fact that India lost the match in spite of scoring 6 runs more than New Zealand!

“Cricket is one of the most important things to an AAM admi and we shall not let any injustice happen here” said a furious AAM admi supporter.

Meanwhile, the party’s senior leaders confirmed that they will stage a Dharna in front of ICC Headquarters in Dubai for an indefinite period to ensure that Duckworth & Lewis method is abolished from international circket. Arvind Kejriwal also announced that he would be taking an economy class flight ONLY to Dubai and bluntly refused to travel in business class. He was also reported to have created a scene at Indira Gandhi International Airport as he spotted heavy security there. However, his party workers soon calmed him down by explaining that the security was not specifically for him.

Delhi Law minister Somnath Bharti spoke to a Hindi news channel about D&L method and expressed strong dissent that it was proposed by foreigners and said “Yeh log hamare jaise nahin hain. Inka rang gora hai, par akal bilkul kala”.

Arvind Kejriwal on his arrival at IGI airport said to the media that he has a 372 page report about how Frank Duckworth and Tony Lewis were both extremely corrupt people and how they devised a method that would always ensure that people of fairer race always won.

“D&L method has caused great harm in cricket and we will demand ICC president Alan Issac to withdraw it once for all. All in all, there have been 168 matches which have been decided using D&L method and in most cases the winning team loses! People have been writing to us about this and we will fight for the people of Delhi, India and the rest of the world!” said Kejriwal.

When asked what should be the other alternative method to decide on rain interrupted matches, Arvind Kejriwal said “Referendum! Taking people’s opinion on who deserves to win is the best alternative. Open a toll free line, setup a SMS service and let people decide who should win!”

In parallel, the BJP was quick to point out that out of the 2 matches held at Khandheri Cricket Stadium near Rajkot, they have 100% track record of not using D&L method and credited this to Mr. Narendra Modi. The Congress however had a different answer. When asked what he has to say about the issue, Congress spokesperson Sanjay Jha said “In India, cricket is a religion, and we do not have preferences or opinions for any religion. Please ask BJP about this religion and you will get an answer!”

There were also other reports that once Arvind Kejriwal is back to India, he will stage another Dharna to bring BCCI under Delhi Government. “BCCI is run by corrupt officials and hence the chance for an AAM admi to get into the Indian cricket team is almost zero! We will not let this continue” said an AAP worker when asked if the reports were true. Ashutosh, another senior leader from AAP added “Yes, BCCI is corrupt; do you think any player in the Indian cricket team is an AAM admi? Dhoni, Kohli, Raina, Yuvraj and all others are khaas admis! This is unfair and we will not tolerate this” he concluded.

Latest Update: Virat Kohli in a press conference at Hamilton spoke about D&L method and presented his views in words that can only be represented by asterisks (****)on a news site like this.