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After banned for illegal bowling action, south Indian hotels and temples invite Saeed Ajmal for a new job

11, Sep 2014 By manithan

Chennai: Pakistani cricket bowler Saeed Ajmal was in news recently for his illegal bowling action, as highlighted and banned due to it, by the International Cricket Council. Though this has left Saeed with looking for other job opportunities, he has got consolation from unexpected quarters.

South Indian hotels associations have invited Saeed Ajmal to work in an honorary position in their hotels. Speaking to press, Narayanan, chairman of hotels association, said, “We invite Mr. Saeed Ajmal, bowler of Pakistan Cricket team, to come and work in our hotels. We assure him that we will provide him best-in-class stay and working experience. He can choose to work in any of the hotel or all of the hotels, that is his wish.”

An Indian cricket fan's reactions when asked about
An Indian cricket fan’s reactions when asked about “What exactly is chucking in a bowling action?”. His actions were even more confusing and we never got a single word from him.

When asked about the nature of the job, he said, “Hitherto, we were facing crisis in breaking coconuts for chutney and avial. The usual coconut breakers are fired from their job due to imperfection in throwing the coconut against the hitting stone. We usually recruit youth who play street cricket and look for their throwing action. But these guys never chuck well. Inspite of using Ranji trophy bowlers to coach them, the coconut breakers were facing a skill deficit crisis. So, when we came across the news that Saeed Ajmal being banned for chucking, we thought that he might be of help to us in the coconut breaking vertical. Our sambhar making, rasam making, pappu steaming, maavu grinding verticals were showing good improvements, so in order to improve our coconut breaking vertical, we are hiring Ajmal along with previous bowlers across world who were banned for chucking.”

It is not only the hotels associations but also temples have invited bowlers who were banned due to chucking to take up job of breaking coconuts. Ramadurai, HR & CE official said, “Nowadays, more Hindus are coming with prayers that if they pass exams or if their love is accepted, they will break 108 coconuts in temples. But, we are facing shortage of people who can break coconut with perfection. We feel that bowlers with chucking action can break coconuts perfectly and help feed the nearby coconut piece pickers, who otherwise get unevenly broken coconut scraps.”

While we are confident that Saeed Ajmal will reject all these offers, there are rumors that he is being lured with lucrative offers to train Kashmiri and Gaza youths in stone throwing. It is being hoped that the ISI will use Saeed to train Kashmiri youths to throw stones with pace of 148 kmph at the Indian army.

Meanwhile, ICC has announced that it will award a prize money of 50,000 US Dollars for the person who could come with the exact explanation of how chucking or throwing occurs in a bowling action. Even the Indian cricket experts like Boring Majumder and Harsha Googly have not won the prize amount yet.