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After a disastrous defeat from SA Sachin retracts retirement; to play next match

08, Dec 2013 By mukulhanda

DURBAN: Faced with a do-or-die situation after their crushing 141-run defeat in the first match, India looked to turn around their fortunes with an improved show and tactful decision making from Captain Dhoni.

Sachin announcing comeback
Sachin announcing comeback

Known for his creative, risk-full and out of the box thinking, Captain Dhoni this time has come up with a never before idea to save team India from another shameful series loss. Dhoni licking his wounds after an embarrassing defeat in Johannesburg, was left with no other option but to look up to cricket God Sachin Tendulkar for his help. Dhoni met Sachin on Friday and requested him to retract his retirement and return to his position in team India. “I thought a lot about this before approaching BCCI and Sachin. Management also realizes that this is the only option we have, to turn this series in our favour” said Dhoni.

The cricket god Sachin has agreed to Dhoni’s request and decided to postpone his retirement plans for another two years. Sachin said: “It was very hard to spend these past few days away from cricket. When Dhoni approached me with an offer to play in team, It took me less than a minute to say Yes”. He also said that “I share a very close relationship with Dhoni, he understands me on and off the field. I am happy team still has faith in me”. Sachin mentioned in the press conference that “this is a big responsibility and I’ll try my best to win this series with help of young players”.

“Sachin Tendulkar will be playing in Durban but on what batting order, that is still to be decided.” sources from BCCI confirmed. Meanwhile Sachin will fly to Durban tonight to join the team. This is a great news for Sachin fans and we all will wait to see the God of cricket playing again.