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Afridi, the new Duck at Disneyland

20, Feb 2013 By lolzprasadyadav

Though T-20 world cup is over long back and could not turn up to be a good tournament for Shahid Afridi, but he has reasons to cheer up. The Walt Disney has decided to rename their famous cartoon character Donald Duck after Shahid Afridi’s name.

The decision came after taking into consideration his innings in T-20 world Cup where in most of the matches he couldn’t even open his scorecard.

Shahid Afridi
Shahid Afridi could not believe the news at first. He is happy as he thinks it’s his biggest achievement ever.

According to a Walt Disney official, “Shahid Afridi’s innings have helped creating awareness among people about ducks, as he always had them on his scoreboard.”

Walt Disney claims that ever since the Pakistan team was ousted from the tournament by Australians, the popularity of Donald Duck has increased many folds around the world and mostly in Pakistan.

A NGO, ‘Save Duck Association’, which works against killing of ducks for food, also has substantiated Walt Disney’s claim that after seeing Afridi’s performance most of the restaurants in Pakistan have already stopped serving dishes made of ducks to their guests. Even Pakistan’s external ‘affair’ minister Heena Rabbani Khar and Rahul Gandhi’s Pakistani counterpart Bilawal Zardari Bhutto, who were staunch duck lovers, ordered for Chicken last night in a five star restaurant.

Disney says they acknowledge Afridi’s contribution towards generating empathy among people for ducks and  saving them from getting killed for food, and to commemorate this they are renaming Donald Duck as ‘Afridi duck’.

Shahid Afridi expressed his gratitude to Walt Disney and thanked ‘Allah’ to help him achieve this honor. Pakistan Captain Muhammad Hafeez said he was proud of his teammate for this achievement and hoped Walt Disney would keep Afridi with them in Disneyland forever.