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Afridi-Rohit Sharma inspire Tendulkar for ODI comeback

06, Mar 2014 By thepelicanclub

Mumbai. In a widely cherished and celebrated development, Sachin Tendulkar has announced his comeback to Indian-ODI team.

Batsman returns

Sachin has reportedly been sad and hurt at the state of Indian opening batting in ODIs ever since has retired and since he hasn’t done anything worthwhile for the country than signing autographs in Parliament, he is trying to bring happiness to his country the best way he knows i.e. batting.

Sources claim that this decision is inspired by none other than Shahid Afridi who has single handedly taken Pakistan to Asia-Cup finals a’la Sachin on so many occasions. What has been true source of inspiration is that Afridi has done so after making his 1,023rd comeback after announcing retirement from cricket.

While public at large is extremely happy and relieved that finally talent minefield – Rohit Sharma will be able to fulfill his talent full time in IPL – making way for Sachin, skeptics doubt Sachin’s ability to make a successful comeback.

Speaking to Faking News, Waseem Akram who is a veteran of many comebacks himself, says: ” See I love Sachin, I love India, I love IPL, KKR , Shahrukh, Sushmita err..scratch that..See Afridi is a legendary post retirement comebacker who has done so on numerous times. That’s why now he has been able to understand his talent and game and has started delivering match winning performances. Sachin is too old to make a comeback and does not have a large heart like Afridi. Afridi is ageless. We have a saying in Pakistan – Rekha, Aadmi, Ghoda aur Afridi kabhi buddhe nahi hote.” 

While social media is celebrating the comeback with #ThankYouSachin and #BatmanReturns , sources claim that Rohit Sharma has applied for internship with Sonia Gandhi, Amitabh Bachchan and YRF who have experience and patience in bringing up genuinely talented individuals.