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Acche Din dawns upon Hockey

19, Jun 2017 By shakeel ahmad

KANPUR: Wherever there is an element of variety, wherever all the things literally have a one and the same aim, there is right now no actual demarcation on victory credits. The hockey players in order to gain a resounding rapidity of marvellous action on the field have crushed Pakistan by a big margin. The players provided their best performance in the Hockey World League Semi-Final. The recent feat and triumphant has made us feel the utter veracity of their perfection. Although the common people are still awaiting good days yet acchey din for the Indian hockey has come unquestionably.India vs Pakistan hockey

Following the excellent stick skills, the players earned marvellous glory of crushing Pakistan amid dismal result in Champions Trophy. Our hockey players have been improving with their dominating style of play. They showed their enough energetic skills with the forward moves.  Amidst the persisting weakness in the gentleman’s game, the stick game endorsed much more magnitude for our country. It is always significant to prevail over arch rivals showing compact hockey. Such a vertical success with 7-1 at least must be sufficient in order to review our game. Our practice bore fruits before Pak’s good start.

It is surprising enough that this time hockey attained chalice of victory as cricket’s status dashed at the Oval. Though a handful of European countries are involved in this game, this particular game gathers all the rage because of the Indo-Pak matches wherever played. It is they who also show the original technique of the game. The European game has been limited on the artificial turf. What modes are applied by the hockey players of these two countries hold no place in the game of other hockey playing nations? The big win somehow overshadows depressing defeat in the game of cricket. This accomplishment has brightened medal hopes for hockey in the 2020 Olympics.