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Abhishekh Bachchan purchases team in IGL: Indian Goti League

03, Sep 2014 By yash1989

Abhishek Bachchan
Time to move on to Goti.

Mumbai. After tasting success (at least at something) with his Pro Kabaddi team and investing in Chennai’s ISL team (now please don’t act in Tamil movies) the heir to the Angry Young Man title of Bollywood, Aishwariya Rai’s husband, Jaya Bachchan’s ‘trying to act’ son, cute baby Aradhya’s father, Shweta Bachchan’s  brother and Gajodhar (the security guard’s) employer, someone named Abhishekh Bachchan has purchased a franchise in the ambitious IGL: Indian Goti League.

Speaking to our correspondent, the eternal struggler shared his wisdom in a fake British accent.

What prompted you to purchase a team in the IGL?

My passion for the ‘rooted’ sport of Goti made me purchase the team. Ever since I was a child, I used to play goti with the best actor of my generation Uday Chopra. My father was so happy with me pursing the ‘down to earth’ sport that he even named Danny’s character in Agneepath after the sport as ‘kancha’.

What is the name of your team and which city does it belong to?

My team is called as Abhishek’s Marbles and it represents a small city in Madhya Pradesh named Lingeshwar. I selected the city as it is ‘centrally located’ and exhibits the same emotions as Abhishek’s Marbles like strength, perseverance and unity.

How will you ensure that the sport is taken up by youngsters?

Marbles and grassroot go hand in hand. Hence it is through the grassroots that I will find and cherish my marbles. Youngster’s talent to play with marbles starts developing in their teenage and that is when we as a team are looking to capitalize on the opportunity and train them to play with their marbles in a scientific way.

How do you rate your competitors?

Just like in Bollywood, I have no competition in the IGL. The only team I am worried about is Rakhi’s Tornados as Rakhi’s Tornados are known to be aggressive and in your face. I am sure that my marbles are professional and know to handle pressure and deliver at the right time.

A word about your support staff?

Excelling at Goti is all about nurturing your talent. Playing with your marbles is a god’s gift and we need to cherish this skill and ensure that it is protected. We have hired a Russian coach named Kaanchka Gotaski for his natural talent and professional approach. He is known to be strict but has good command over marbles.

How do you plan to market the brand?

Abhishekh’s Marbles will be all over the place. They will be on billboards, hoardings, television commercials and social media. We have hired the ‘Genius of the year’ Alia Bhatt to design and manage the entire campaign. Karan Johar’s love for marbles has also been the reason why he is also involved in handling the promotions.

Where do you see the sport 10 years down the line?

Indian Goti league is going to be huge. Manchester United is going to feel threatened by our team’s fan following. With the right corporate support and fan involvement everyone will be playing Goti. I have a dream where the IGL will be held at Old Trafford and I hope one day it will materialize.

Here’s wishing the Rajiv Gandhi Rojgar Yojna’s (Dhoom Series) lifetime member all the best with his team and we hope Aishwariya Rai returns to the silver screen so that her husband will not be required to pull off such stunts to earn a living.