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Aakash Chopra's new book on Aaron Finch’s innings: Playing For the Blue

26, Mar 2015 By RT

Agra. Aakash Chopra writes a new book on Aaron Finch’s innings in world-cup semifinal clash between Australia and India, released today to all cricket lovers in the world. The book named ‘playing for the blue’ investigates Aaron Finch’s innings ball by ball.

Totally contrast against his batting style or the lack of it, Aakash Chopra has written and delivered the book in whirlwind speed, even before the second innings of the world cup semifinal got completed. Irrespective of the outcome of the match, whether India wins or loses, Aakash Chopra declares in his book, that Aaron Finch has played for India in his infamous innings of 81 runs off 116 balls.

Aakash Chopra: Indian Test Cricketer, Writer and Analyst
Aakash Chopra: Indian Test Cricketer, Writer and Analyst

“The innings puts even me under such a shame. I have never managed to play in world cup games. Hell! I never managed to score 81 runs and in such an inferior strike rate!”, the author declared in his book.

Comparing parallel between him and Finch, Chopra said, “our names starts similar with Aa and it has a strong message. We simply warn the viewers, it takes time to tell our names. It is not Akash or Aron. It with Aa. It is slow to pronounce. We are slow. Period”, the author proudly claimed his and Aaron’s genius in his new book.

“If you had carefully noticed the title, ‘playing for the blue’, there is no big font or bold letters. You should get clues at every piece about our intent and playing style. This particular innings that Finch had played, I am very proud of. He managed to get 3 quick scoring batsmen OUT to establish his brilliance and the cause of ‘playing for the blue’

India manages to get into controversy, oftentimes, about Padma awards for sports personalities. But, make no mistake about it! Give one to Aaron! He deserves it!”, Aaaaakash Chopra quipped in his epilogue and the book hit the stores worldwide to earn sales apparently much better than ‘Playing It Someone’s Way’.