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World after "Sonam Gupta Bewafa Hai" phenomenon

17, Nov 2016 By Hunar Gandhi

Recently, in the wake of the demonetization exercise when bank notes are the topic of discussion in every nook and corner, many Indian currency notes which have got “Sonam Gupta bewafa hai” scribbled on them have caught the popular imagination of the Indian public. While most are curious in their hearts to know the identity of the two individuals who had had that failed love transaction, there is no dearth of stories doing the rounds to feed the appetites of the gossip mongers.

While most men are doubting that the author of the “scribbled warning” could be any of their male friends, many women folk in the town are choosing to believe that the author must be a guitarist from a premier college who is possibly suffering from a deadly disease. Few feminist groups have protested that it is sexist to assume that the person who sent out the original famed warning is a male and Sonam Gupta- a female.

I know these are the same people who don't allow Sonam Gupta to enter Haji Ali and temples
“I know these are the same people who don’t allow Sonam Gupta to enter Haji Ali and temples”

The CBI on the other hand thinks that it has narrowed down its search by searching among the engineers who are not doing engineering related jobs and were most likely idle  during their engineering days. PM Modi has reprimanded CBI officials for stereotyping engineers (to be read as managers and entrepreneurs) and advised CBI to think out of the box.

The notes have found currency not just in the wallets but in the hearts and minds of many Indian people young and old. There is a whole wave of sympathy traversing in the air around the situation. It has been reported that people having “Sonam Gupta” scribbled notes are being seen with reverence by other people in the queues outside the banks and are being allowed to go past the queue out of turn.  Some Bank tellers have however expressed concern that seeing those currency notes, sometimes slows them down as they also, at times, are filled with nostalgia from their first romance days.

Seeing passion in the act of the scribbler, and interpreting it as that person’s capacity to love deeply, a girl has offered to marry the person (male or female) who has originally scribbled the warning message. A club in a boys only engineering college has sent out an open invite to the man/woman to appear in the next session of Ted Talks being organized at their campus.

Seeing the popularity and positive reception of the scribbled currency notes some political parties have tried to cash in on the Sonam Gupta wave and announced to issue Sonam Gupta series of notes if they come into power. The phenomenon has assumed global significance now. CIA, an American secret service organization, has been engaged to trace the person who first scribbled the words. It is being said that the person is being considered by Donald Trump for a special position in a department related to women welfare in his government.

Sociologists are saying that the notes are representative of  phenomenon which has affected many a lives and has even been a subject of many folk tales as well as wars throughout the history of mankind-  the phenomenon of heartbreak and one sided love.

We don’t know if we shall ever find out whether those people ever got together after all this but I guess, the message must have reached the Sonam Gupta for whom it was intended. May they both take decisions in their best interests.

Well, but the episode does remind us that maybe money can’t buy love even if you scribble on it; sympathy-maybe!

P.S: The article is a satire for the purpose of harmless humour only. I understand that it may have been a challenging experience for people with the same name. I hope no one feels offended.

Also, I hope the citizens of our country are not encouraged by this incident to scribble their love lores on notes and are all informed that scribbling on notes renders the notes waste for the bankers as soiled notes cannot be reissued from the bank and have to be returned to RBI to be destroyed- leading to national wastage.