Friday, 23rd February, 2018

Women's fashion fad is unfathomable

08, Sep 2017 By shakeel ahmad

KANPUR: Perhaps fashion was aimed at the women who run after it badly, madly and calmly. Even their very nature compels them to wear fashionable clothes. It is owing to this exception reason they always think of making their dress of different contemporary designs. With the use of social media their goal is easily achieved as they come to know of the latest trendy designs within twenty-four hours. They seem to follow Oscar Wilde’s lines, “Either be a work of art or wear a work of art.” They undoubtedly put on the work of art.

Habitually, they maintain a wardrobe of their numerous dresses and even though worry remains manifest up on their faces. They continue to complain about the paucity of the dresses regularly. When they happen to open their wardrobe, two immediate problems make them miserable. One is obviously a dearth of dress at the moment and second is there is no vacant place to accommodate a new piece of dress. They like the new clothes simply because of their intense desire to look beautiful all the time indoor or outdoor.

A few saner persons suggested if the women should stop hankering after fashionably designed clothes their problem of teaching the daughter at a good educational institution would be automatically resolved. They would not repent for it for their whole of the life. Whatever fresh in the suits come in the market becomes their first choice and they do not take a sigh of relief until the time of procurement. They even do not bother about the price tag. No theory can suffice to convince them from putting a check on their fashion fad. The new clothes, oddly designed dresses will bring merely temporary relief but if that amount of money is spent on the girl’s education it will not be transitory.