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Women talk what they like to

10, Jul 2017 By shakeel ahmad

KANPUR: Women begin to discuss what is thought not to be worth discussing. As one woman was overheard criticising of a young girl staying with the neighbouring family. She made it clear that her amorous approach towards the neighbour’s husband was noticed by her. Just the similar blame was slapped on another married woman’s openness with males.  However, she never thought of the repercussion of the blames. Another woman also expressed her affirmation with the matter.

They do stare and spangle with their slightly slanted retinal eyes over another woman while talking about the private matters. Their laughter indicates an intensity of their concentration over sexually explicit topics.  However, No woman feels compunction in discussing sex when they need to talk about it. These women chatting about their personal experiences pointed out how they disliked condoms as it reduced the limit of pleasure and satisfaction. “No, nothing unusual is felt and it seemed like merely a night raid”, stressed a forty-plus sexy woman. Another about fifty-year-old lanky woman nodded her head in agreement with that lady. Still, another woman revealed that that kind of stuff was a useless thing for reaching the height of ecstasy in the bodily game.

Attentively listening to them one more woman stated that intercourse was an act of enjoyment for procreation ultimately. One stout woman told that its duration could not be shorter. Sex could not be suppressed in any way. An educated woman also opined that she could not avoid sex longer. If she did not find her partner’s craving for enjoyments she approached the man in a more forceful ways. It was good when a woman found her full involvement into this game of desire. It was entirely over her how she took complete enjoyment out of this act. When she took interest in it, she never lost her orgasm. Women also maintained that they enlivened their sexual urge by their own will. A young woman puts it thus: What is now covered?  Everything is being discussed in accordance with the situation. In the name of fashion and whatever the women prude or mild-mannered seldom avoid discussing their intercourse experience.