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How does woman follow mother's path?

19, Sep 2017 By shakeel ahmad

KANPUR: She was thinking of being moneyed but it was not possible for her. She knew of her mother’s compulsive shopper habit on account of the source of income through rents. That’s why she always dreamt of becoming well-heeled. Luckily one day she got some properties from her father. This was enough to make her rolling in the currency notes. As we all know it very well that the money is the main part which makes one contented and happy in this materialistic world. A money person always looks down upon empty handed human being.

Everyone is hankering after money and its possession makes each moneyed one confident. With such bent of mind, that woman was frantic for money. It is also said that God’s mercy definitely dawns upon an honest being. Something like that also happened with that mother of three. Although she was leading a better life yet she always pondered over becoming economically independent. She sometimes even thought of starting a business. But what came as a big impediment was lack of funds for that purpose. How does a daughter follow the mother’s line fits her totally?

Like her mother, she also started getting rents from the land. She herself was not sure of her changed status one day. She now feels the same happiness which her mother enjoyed throughout the length of her life. Her days have changed nowadays. She knows her purse is not empty. She is confident like other moneyed women. She does not beseech for money from her near ones. She considers her fate has changed with God’s blessings. Though avenues for money have been opened for her, her intelligence is yet to improve. She still takes everything like a traditional indigenous woman. Her face brightens with a fulfilment of long desire but her sharpness is still wandering in the wilderness.