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Wives shut husbands up for being rival

28, Sep 2017 By shakeel ahmad

KANPUR: The indigenous wives cannot tolerate any word against their parental family. If it is correct they will find some type of mercy in that unsatisfactory matter. The surprising thing is that they do not feel or realise any shame in disapproving of the genuine ideas coming from in-laws’ side. Their habit does not stop from cursing even the husband’s authentic points. It is their nature of indicting others and praising her near relatives at all costs. Perhaps it is because of this indisputable reason they have not been promised of the heavenly bliss probably.

On a free relaxed day, the newly married couples were engaged in conversation on different topics. During this course the teacher wife warned her husband about constant condemnation of her parental family members. She suggested him to speak directly to her rather to reproving her near ones. This would certainly not annoy her. But she put out of her mind the accusations of her relatives against the husband who definitely did not appreciate their unkind words. Should they not control on flaying her husband? Why do wives understand this simple point? Their partiality towards the family clearly reflects in such a stand which they are more often seen to be adopting in their social lives.

Though the husbands generally avoid indulging in unnecessary talks with their wives, the question raised during the informal discussion made the husband answer solidly. Giving the example of the much-used television set in every household the husband pointed out when the idiot box develops some kind of imperfection in its function the people usually do not curse the set. What they try with the gut feeling is that they begin to curse the company that has assembled the television set and advertised of its perfect efficiency. Therefore the wives have to hear the cold words against their family.