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Whatsapp effects watchman's job

15, Nov 2017 By shakeel ahmad

KANPUR: What brought joy to the father was his son’s continuous chat on Whatsapp? There was a rich tenderness in his voice. He always liked it was so brave of the son to engage in conversation over the online popular chatting medium. Leaving all his friends and surroundings his son’s keep himself connected with continuous excited entire night messaging. Although there are several parents who dislike this tendency yet this special father even proceeded to offer him a good amount of money for this habit. Precisely he gave a pink currency note of two-thousand denominations straightaway.

He felt convinced that once he started talking on this social platform, the message tone continues to ring throughout the whole length of the hours of darkness. For the last few days, his son has really been more dedicated to the mobile. In this propensity of the son, the father can see only one thing for this involvement. Replies are also quickly returning with the same force. However, the father did not find any type of irritation in this mania. He followed a very sympathetic attitude instead. While the son seemed a little embarrassed by his father’s kindness.

He was in a matter of fact manner without any clue to the feelings that prompted him to give the money. He again shot a quick glance at him. Upon this position of his son, the father asked him as to why he was probably highly suspicious over his deepest sympathy at him. The son actually wanted to hear what he has to say on the matter. The father cleared that since he started chatting on the Whatsapp, the need for the night watchman is not required. So, the amount which remains in your hands was a kind of income in lieu of the vital service.