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Wedlock is philosophy bitterly

17, Aug 2017 By shakeel ahmad

KANPUR: The students were taking enough interest in the lecture as the lecturer was so adroit in explaining the complicated points in a very simple way. That’s why they never missed the period the period of the philosophy teacher. Being a senior teacher of the subject in the one of the oldest universities in the country, he was prompt in clearing the hard queries raised by the attentive students in the class.

In his philosophical mood, the lecturer asked the students about the real purpose of the life. But the young minds were a little surprised at this question. They felt of their inexperience to the life. They were in the age when the life appeared just a period of exuberance. However certain students tried to answer but there was something missing in their unprepared responses, so remarked the proficient teacher. The ringing bell made him leave the class.

It is rightly said that the life is a precious gift of the God. Its value is more realised when one undergoes some suffering. One cannot escape the sad moments in the life at a time. As happier moments lightens the human psyche, one’s time passes out swiftly in such condition. Sitting by the side of the flowing river in the evening a person’s mind was pensively pondering over his position of reaching near the death.

When he shared this monotonous matter to his philosophy teacher, he made him visualise the life’s different aspects. What happens at intervals in life comes for the good, said the teacher. Skillfully taking his miserable condition the saner teacher enquired him of any kind of shock. Replying in an affirmative tone he acquainted him how he has ensnared into death-trap. He was seeking love life with the trusted girl friend but ended with the normal marriage.