Sunday, 18th March, 2018

Waning of vibrant throbs is old age

13, Jul 2017 By shakeel ahmad

KANPUR: Old age is a gateway of several troubles. Weakness or frailty is another name of old age. Every young person turns out old someday. Old age is lying down on the bed or it is intense incapability to face the rigorous rigidities of the lingering life? However it may be explained, the pragmatic people define it as a stage when one begins to turn off lights for purely monetary causes. Advancing towards the threshold of old age one’s romantic vibrations distances from energetic life.  Instead, they find satisfaction in philosophy, yoga and meditation.

At this phase of the life, they appear delighted to be categorised as senior citizens which easily fetch them the economical train fare. But when they have no keenness for travelling, the utility of this govt provision goes useless. If the banks offer them extra interest percentage against the deposits, the family members forbid them for such propensity. They essentially agree with them and spend their savings on them. What has never been faced in the life becomes a harsh aspect of the old age.

The secondary sign of the old age comes when older people start cursing the romantic restaurant light while going through the detailed menu copy. They prefer middle row seat for enjoying coffee or other snacks. Their status as Dadaji and Nanaji respectively make them enough aged. They leave keen longing for dyeing the scant residual hairs upon the head and start walking with the stick’s help. A spectacle stays on the upper surface of the nose and the ears to read between the lines. Their life finds an abrupt change and they know it. These very realisations confirm that the life is at the threshold of old age. Now the liberty in life is also limited for reasons known to the children.