Tuesday, 20th February, 2018

Walkers irked at untidy scene

09, Oct 2017 By shakeel ahmad

KANPUR: The restriction on the open defecation seemed to have depressed the common man. If the quick chance of defecation is being turned aside, there will certainly be some chaos. This is a control on people’s free will for early morning sits in a secluded spot. This can be a direct attack on their traditional practice. They are not now feeling absolutely free for nature’s call. Their right is walking off with the new moves. It begins to look rather bad for them as they are so far habitual of defecating in the open breathing space sometimes behind the trees too. There are people who may not enter a space for this intention and there are people who may not.

This under the weather scene was never acceptable when one confronts with the people seen sitting in that posture. One used to say if this habit remained this would continue to be a very improper routine. Nothing upsets one more than to view a person in that position. Everyone despised this quite natural but uninteresting sight in full view. A sudden spectacle of such type of the scenery fetches words somewhat of a critical surprise. Is it really necessary to depict such elaborate practicality? A group of morning walkers asked as they were walking away along the Golf Course Road in Cantonment here.

As they were regular walkers of the morning brilliance, others passing through the road read considerably startled look on their respective faces. They begin to wonder why people adopt such an untidy and unusual manner instead of making a neat method. The defecating people are normally sitting in an attitude of rapt attention close beside others. They don’t give a short, plaintive yelp but the passers-by try their best to shift their gaze impatiently. In line with the United Nations’ work on water and sanitation, this indigenous habit has no meaning.