Monday, 19th March, 2018

Uprorious superstition still intact

06, Aug 2017 By shakeel ahmad

KANPUR: Hair chopping mystery is said to have been resolved by the Delhi police as the report goes. But as many as one hundred cases surprised the electronic media to bring this complex matter to the public attention. It is psychological problem or criminal case the matter covered a large tract of land from Delhi to Rajasthan. Serious issues are being sidetracked behind these irrelevant matters. The simple mathematics is that the hair shampoos are failing to increase the length of the girls’ hairs so this peculiar phenomenon was being practised as a prank.

The girls whose hairs were cut come from the lower-middle class and almost uneducated so this problem was supposed to have been told as the psychological aspect but now it has acquired another turn. More or less it is a way to goad the girls not to enlarge their hairs’ length below the long neck. Fashionable girls commonly prefer the boy-cut hair thereby they seem to be returning to the prevalent western mores. The market gazers appear totally confused over complicated occurrences as they are yet to initiate any effective idea regarding the size of the hair. Although Chhoti and roti have no direct connection in the social milieu yet the diligent ladies are mixing the points together.

They seem to stop thinking about the marked difference between both the ends. If Chhoti denotes a condition of the fashion, the roti is frankly related with survival. So how can the twain be same? The long hair is the dearest feature for a woman which certainly enhances their face value. Then, why should they increase the tummy size by consuming roti? Their desire for food gets over with intense involvement in giving a fresh style to the long locks. That’s why hair chopping incidents are compelling them to leave love for the elongated Chhoti.