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Unprecedented demand for SBI ATM security guards

08, Jun 2017 By crazyjurno

SBI branch manager of Give-a-damn Puram branch, a middle class locality in Hyderabad sent a request to private security company for three security guards for their newly opened ATMs in the locality. Security agency gladly accepted the request and given a paper announcement for applications for the same in a leading daily. Couple of days’ later security agency’s guy hurriedly called SBI branch manager and asked him to come over to their office in matter related to recent request for three security guards, at first branch manager has got little frustrated that security agency is calling him for a small request like this, however he obliged observing his astonished tone.

SBI manager and Security agency guy are puzzled and pretty seriously thinking how to address the scenario. “Say the number again” asked SBI manager, 6000 applications replied agency manager. This is unprecedented never seen this kind of demand for a security guard post, there are even applications from recently fired software employees, he said.

Man searching for an opportunity to become the security guard at ATM
Man searching for an opportunity to become the security guard at ATM

“Ok, let’s find out why this sudden demand” said SBI manager pretty determined. They called first candidate,

“What’s your name”? asked SBI manage.

“Ramaiah sir”, replied a man in his 60s.

Why you think you are suitable for this job, you look too old; how would you guard ATM from thieves etc. And importantly why do you think there are these many people for a security guard job at a ATM.

To answer your first question. It’s very simple sir, 90% of the times SBI ATMs will not work, 95% of times cash is not available, thanks to demonetisation you can make it 99%. Remaining days where cash is available people come and clean it up in matter of hours, like people who found food/water after being stranded in a desert for a month. So frankly speaking I just have to guard second hand air conditioners and LED bulbs, which you know is quite easy.

SBI manager is outraged, security manager is finding it hard stop his laughter.

Old man continued, “to answer you second question in this scorching heat we get free AC, actually I shifted my whole family to ATM. I have given my existing job as Punjab National bank ATM security guard job to my son-in-law, who in fact married my daughter taking that job as dowry. I even opened a pan and tea shop adjacent to ATM and by god’s grace that is going well. Like SBI employees, even SBI security guards will not have to do much work. Most of the SBI ATMs are in busy business centres of city, so not only its ‘simply sitting, monthly getting’, but also prime property for a mini business. That’s why there is heavy competition. You know I had to pay 10,000 rupees to come in line and submit my application first”.

Security manager laughed out loud unable to control his laughter anymore. ‘STOP’ shouted SBI manager at both old man. Security manager stopped not understanding whom he asked to shut up. You can leave said SBI manager.

P.S. SBI manager latter gave the job to his people explaining the benefits of simply sitting and monthly getting.