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UNESCO declares "drunk strangers wishing each other happy new year" as the warmest greeting ever, proud moment for booze community

01, Jan 2017 By Beer & Biryani

Paris: UNESCO has reportedly declared drunk strangers wishing each other a happy new year as the warmest greeting ever after taking a look at thousands of greetings from a wide range of events.

"Yo Man!"
“Yo Man!”

Speaking to Faking News, Mr. Bankisun said, “Friends, family and colleagues wishing each other a happy new year or happy anything else is as normal as birds flying in the sky. After a thorough examination of over a thousand greetings based on events, we have concluded that drunk people wishing each other happy new year is indeed the warmest wish ever.”

“When two strangers in drunk state share the same sentiment, they share the the same wavelength, frequency and amplitude leading to a mysterious chemistry. This makes the wish warm, as true human-to-human love emerges under the influence of alcohol.”

When asked whether the chemistry continues, Mr. Bankisun said, “No. Not at all. This works only when they lose their sobriety, otherwise they are indifferent to each other like normal strangers.”

As per our sources, a lot of people who are drunk often end up finding strange visiting cards in their pockets the next day when they’re back into their sober states.