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Tomato pains & pleases together

30, Aug 2017 By shakeel ahmad

KANPUR: Pain in Spain is being accepted by the television artistes in a stunt based programme Fear Factor. Just reverse to this every common man bears the pain of spurt in tomato’s retail price. There are several houses which have discarded consuming the customary use of this vegetable. Despite people’s trouble, there is no marked decline in the rate. Spain needs to transfer its tomatoes wasting in the Tomatina festival.

The revellers in this festival swirl into the tomato heaps freely. They even throw the tomato on one another in order to enjoy the occasion. When far from our country there is revelry on tomato, we are awaiting the downward trends in the tomato price at the market. Tons of tomatoes are being misused in Spain if it were available in our land several people would be able to consume this traditional vegetable.

What type of festive it is! It spoils a food item merely in the name of having fun and what more. It can be the traditional celebration of that ancient country. But can it not be consumed? Instead of using in that bad way its use for some kind of the helpful purpose may be far better at this crucial time of hike in its price.

The festival revels can be momentary in all its valid way but its consumption by those people who have so far been denied its very use can bring a lot of satisfaction at last. What is grown for body’s energy is being wasted in celebrations unnecessarily? Tomato is indeed a sour crop grown for eating in every house and this natural ingredient of our daily food must not be spoiled in ineffective activities. We need to ponder over its proper use and transportation to the places where this kind of vegetable is not easily available.