Thursday, 26th April, 2018

Timely treatment is utmost important

24, Aug 2017 By shakeel ahmad

KANPUR: A skinny mother of three sons was undergoing some sorts of discomfort for the past couple of days. Instead of singing the Bollywood film famous lyric, Uljhan Suljhe Na, Rasta Sujhe Na, she straight contacted the city’s expert doctor. She got her examined through various modern devices which relieved her to a certain extent. She approached the older experienced doctor simply because of this simple thinking that timely treatment is always a saner idea. Today’s treatment appears to be wholly based on various therapeutic tests.

A treatment does not look complete unless a patient is not founding walking with test reports envelope into the hand. The doctors have a habit of sending the patient to a particular test centre for the reasons requiring no details at the moment. Her tests were completed and she passed on a hefty amount in pre-diagnosis act of the doctor. Somewhere in her mind persisted the first round of paid charges. This increased her discomfort to a very minute level though she used to take no notice of such expenses. Her only objective centred on an early analysis of her ailment. With the various tests, the doctor has already started the procedures.

She accompanied her elder plump sister to the busy Mall Road area for all these sundry tests. Even she advised her to be resolute in well-timed and suitable treatment. Both of them were already disturbed with the mother’s poor condition. Despite her seniority in age, the elder sister lets her know how untimely treatment of even cough turns out into a deadly disease of tuberculosis. This instance brought extra trepidation to her. However, she consoled her sister by saying something which pleased her instantly. She made her laugh by uttering that the disease and the girlfriend stick which call for timely treatment.