Saturday, 24th March, 2018

Are we tied with cookie-cutter style?

22, Jun 2017 By shakeel ahmad

KANPUR: Life is certainly not a bed of roses. Every day is a new day. If one courageously faces obstacles and problems in daily routine life, one can be called a man. One toils and moils for sustenance while utilising one’s capacity. Success in this direction takes one to a top level which instils confidence. The other day one individual’s two-wheelers developed some mechanical faults. The vehicle was handed over to the servicing man at the repairing shop. On returning home he found that his cooler-box has suddenly a hole. He had already been entangling with the faulty ceiling fan and now the cooler’s defect brought another worry for him.

It meant that he was surrounded by various problems but the solution was also his liability. Firs, he focussed upon repairing of the vehicle. The engine was opened for mending piston but there was still persisted current problem. The servicing man took more than 72 hours to rectify the faults. Later he decided to change the cooler body and got the ceiling fan’s ball bearing renewed in order to provide full air. In between putting right all these electric-operated gadgets, his trotting mind definitely swayed by ebbing and flowing of to be or not to be. But he remained calm and persistence.

He maintained his balance of mind and patiently regulated everything in accordance with the challenging situation. Keeping up a durable equilibrium in settling the problems and life obligations is just what we can call continuity of existence on this living planet. We can accept it deep down in our hearts that it is a practical perception which even philosophers discuss. In this constantly changing world, one is supposed to be going ahead with the cookie-cutter lifestyle. Problems can transform with a gradual change in the way of life. It is being experienced by one and all in the factual sense.