Monday, 23rd April, 2018

Sweet shrill stops hubby's sly fury

30, Oct 2017 By shakeel ahmad

KANPUR: The word ‘beautiful’ appeared to the husband like a red rag to a bull as he got angry over the text message received in his wife’s mobile set. As he was enjoying the beauty sleep the phone indicated of one terse message suddenly. He awakened with the sweet shrill echoing ring coming from the mobile lying just near the corner table. When he read the curt message in nine letters his temper shot up to volatile level. What he never thought about his beautiful wife shook him deeply after going through the somewhat tasteless memo.

Anyway, women are always hankering after their good-looking appearance and that’s why they crave their instant beautiful look. It even forces them to spend a lot of amount on the make-up for the good looks. Just as we have read about former Miss World who endeavoured hard to return in shape after her baby’s birth and even took help of the Ayurvedic medicines of Kerala. What was her figure at the age of 23 years could not positively be at 44? However, the women seldom detach themselves from this natural tendency and think continuously of their standard height and of rather sparkling form and look.

When the humble wife learnt of this concise note she talked to her loving husband. ‘Why are you of a sceptical nature? You always looked suspicious to mine moral fibre. As regards other things disturbing your cynical nature it is strictly confined up to the wife’s role. There was nothing whatever of that kind’, stated the wife musingly. Her blazing words were somewhat of a surprise to her husband. In order to prove his points, the husband showed the mobile message which he had already saved for this purpose. Surprisingly as the wife reads the message, she finds the word spelt as ‘battery full’.