Thursday, 26th April, 2018

Sweepers dodge total tidiness

19, Oct 2017 By shakeel ahmad

KANPUR: The festival of lights is significant for sanitation shown on this occasion all around. Notwithstanding the situation has almost changed now. The residential areas are cleaned vigorously but surrounding areas are assertively not looked to. Those places remained unattended and unclean because of our lopsided attitude. The traditional spirit seemed to have been negligent. Is it not really necessary to tell such elaborate exactness of the festival when the country follows sanitation drive on a massive scale? Shrugging their shoulders several people asked it as they walked away.

What we typically notice is insanitation in the lanes, not-so-wide passages, roads and thoroughfares. By the way, we are averse to what is not acceptable anyway. The civic body sweepers have adopted an irresponsible approach in their duty. If any sweeper covers one smaller locality, the location does not present a clean look. What the sweeper performs is storage of the garbage at one bare spot commonly near the drain. The attempt to burn the whole of accumulated trash remains supreme in their mind. The burnt rubbish continues to lay there giving us an unpleasant look.

When the sweepers are privately engaged in the cleaning work despite being corporation employees, they need to be strictly instructed by the officials concerned neither to burn the rubbish on the road nor accumulate the wastes on the lane.They should be told to mend their negligent attitude. It might as well be applied to a unique stand, passionate view, and credible temper. However, the truth is, none has shown instant interest in lending an ear to this vital point. It is rather treated as a useless idea, stated the locality residents allowing a moment or two to elapse before criticising the trend differently. At least they were realizing just the sort of silliness it was.