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Sperm and egg of groom and bride has to be registered for Aadhaar before Suhagraat

14, Mar 2017 By electroman

In a Mitron announcement over live broadcast, our PM announced today that Aadhar is a must for new born babies. But the government has gone way in to the future for this scheme. They are not going to fingerprint and photograph babies. The govt has gone digital this time. They are going to register the sperm and egg before it forms in to an embryo.

Baby fraternity reacting on the development
“We are outdated that such development didn’t rake place when our generation was in mommy’s womb!” Baby fraternity reacting on the development

Once the registration is done, the baby will be born with the Aadhaar number Tatooed in barcode format on the back of the head in Hitman style. Parents of the newlyweds are now looking for auspicious time for the Aadhaar registration as well. The sperm and egg will be photographed under digital microscope and will be issued as a temporary card. The card will be updated with the 4D sonogram of the baby every month while it is growing inside the womb.

Aadhaar officials will be present along with the doctors during delivery to authenticate the baby once it is born. Then they will fingerprint it, retinal scan it and photograph it before giving it to the mother. People from Haryana were seen discussing with UIDAI officials regarding possibilities of sex determination. Some even tried to bribe the officials to get them a male heir.

But the government was in a sticky situation regarding collecting the samples, Pahlaj Nihalani was seen making an announcement soon advicing the government not to use the words sperm and egg. He insisted they can call it by pseudonyms like mouse and sun etc.