Thursday, 22nd February, 2018

Sorrowful sisters still show sad shade

17, Sep 2017 By shakeel ahmad

KANPUR: It is after a long illness the seventy-five-year-old woman died leaving behind her five daughters and three sons. Although the sons showed extreme sorrow in initial days yet the five distressed daughters are still mourning their mother’s death. They are doing all possible necessary things for the solace of the departed soul. Everyone knows that the deceased woman loved her sons more than her daughters. However, it was quite known to one and all that she had provided nothing to them from her immovable property.

Sisters in the different age group are unable to bear the mother’s loss. One sister short in height resembles her mother in toto. So she has taken the death to an immeasurable level. She covers a lengthy distance to her mother’s house on foot almost daily. She still weeps blood in sorrowfulness. She cannot resist her tears after entering her deceased mother’s spacious room. Unluckily what has come into possession of these grief-stricken sisters is their mother’s couple of salwars and handbags. They look at these articles every day and keep them as a mark of the departed soul. They have never been intelligent and wise. They always favoured their brothers but their outlook remained quite different.

They always gained from these emotional foolish sisters. Despite understanding the losses at the hands of their brothers they maintained complete confidence in them. It is the height of their foolhardiness that they are concentrating on the insignificant things at this time. Their brothers are enjoying every benefit of life from the parental property. They are merely earning enormous rents from the properties received to them respectively. We could call this out of the ordinary tendency every so often confidence, sometimes fairness; the closest name for such type of leaning is a support to the blood relatives irrespective of their opposite thinking.