Sunday, 25th March, 2018

Shun marketing trend in usual talk

23, Jul 2017 By shakeel ahmad

KANPUR: It is not only marketing trend but we in our routine conversation try to show the marketing tendency to put every little matter with the similar validity. It is more often seen that the parents attempt to relate their sons or daughters’ superiority by dint of their glowing words. This appears just like the diverse products are often promoted for somewhat altered worth. One family started praising the daughter’s better results in the intermediate examinations. But what was end result was totally different from much praises. She even failed to bring marks required for admission in the graduate course. Another mild-mannered girl staying in the neighbourhood secured more percentage in the class tenth board examinations.

One student despite not taking tuitions in every subject like his peer in the vicinity gives modest attention to his daily studies at home. But he does not fail to obtain the marks in the final examination lower than those addicted to the tuition. His parents never project him as a studious student but his obtained marks and grade quieten adversaries entirely. He knows well where to learn and where to enjoy.

In the midst of the invasion of tuitions at every street, one moneyed family suggested the daughter for making hay in the free time. So tutoring the little kids became the easier and nicer idea. Some of the families even agreed to send their wards. When they enquired of the fee, everyone pulled back the kids. It was too high as the established tutorials demand its classes. No mercy was shown by this tutor-to-be. It is not just the same with the coaching teachers who used to show compassion to their students. A teacher asked her student to teach every subject of class tenth in reduced fee which was in no way below the prevalent fee.