Sunday, 25th February, 2018

Shock trails wit in creative value

16, Aug 2017 By shakeel ahmad

KANPUR: A pretty woman walks into a restaurant and requested the manager for a glass of drinking water. Upset with her demand the inebriated manager pointed the gun at her forehead. But the woman did not disturb by this kind of rude behaviour. She thought for a second how is the manager reacting over just a simpler demand. She, in turn, thanked him for the particular conduct and left the spot.

Why did she thank the manager? As she was undergoing from a very abnormal ailment of hiccups, the manager thought it befitting to give her a shock treatment in order to scare away her hiccups. A similar reaction was experienced by the viewers during a programme on TV where a young aspirant with some kind of voice problem was photographed with the hairless hosts. They wanted him to propagate the message of removing inferiority complex by the picture. They even suggested the youth to post the photo with the caption Hakla with Takla.

We either laugh at others’ abnormalities or force them to bear with the situation. None comes forward to produce a sense of confidence among such people. People start relating the superstitious tendencies with them. When a fashionable woman demanded a pink-coloured currency note of two thousand rupees for makeup at the famous parlour her husband reminded her of the Chhoti Katwa trend prevailing in the society for the past several weeks.

He promptly advised her to wait for some days as someone would surely approach her cut the grassy hairs hanging on her back. This trend has certainly brought a big whack on the parlour business as the women fear to come close to parlours for fear of hair chopping spirits pervading in the open environment. If the husbands were pleased with this unusual trend the parlour owners are cursing them for stopping the business.