Tuesday, 20th February, 2018

Selfishness keeps sisters far off

26, Sep 2017 By shakeel ahmad

 KANPUR: How can the real sisters be so selfish? Being daughters of the same mother they do not believe in supporting each other. They certainly attain experienced mature minds but their actions show of their selfishness positively. They do not come out in complete unanimity at the matters related to their individual’s interests. The younger sister complies with her elder sister but that well-off elder sister axes her own grind. Their relation is so as the younger sister fails to muster the courage for insisting on her every wish to the elder. This reading becomes visible with the younger sister’s hesitation and doubts over convincing her elder sister for some important proposal.

In spite of blood relations, the money factor stands as a big barrier between the two real sisters. This is certainly not the only example of its kind. This type of notion has been persisting in the society from a long time. Perhaps it is due to this very reason human being is said to have been termed as born selfish. It is the self-centeredness that always clings to our social life. All the relations are somewhere based on the selfish motives. The moneyed class views everything from their particular angle. It appears that the genuineness in the near relations is not rooted in our hearts. The younger sister shows her sympathetic stance always.

However, the elder sister never exposes her real intention before the younger sister who has accepted this delicate division, not because of its goodness or badness but because it is that thin line or proclivity she has always thought of. They do not like introspective wording so they keep themselves engaged in the showy relations despite adverse inclinations. The younger sister waits for everything but elder one does not keep every matter under the wrap of the doubt. This trait leads to perceiving of their diverse varied nature. Sisters are supposed to be different from brothers but the case is not so different here.